Bring Your Business To The Next Level With Rio Fast Delivery

Historically, delivery was the domain of big players; however, times have changed. In 2021, expect a customer shift toward smaller shops.

Consumers already appreciate the uniqueness, personal connection, and specialization of a boutique over a global chain. As they're increasingly able to purchase delivery from these options, expect to see a rise in customized products, personalized offerings, and artisanal brands.

The question is, will your business meet customer demand? When you add Rio Fast Delivery to your business's offering, not only will you gain new customers, but you will turn delivery into a customer habit.

Delivery (last-mile logistics) isn't for everyone. That's why Rio Fast Delivery uses state of the art technology with a drives' app. The results are a 50% reduction in-transit time and happy customers!

Does your business fit into this model? It does if you sell a physical product to the local community! Rio Fast Delivery is an excellent fit for wineries, craft beer, and hard cider producers. Yes - our app is compliant with CA laws. Restaurants, automotive parts, tractor parts, marine parts, drugstores, grocery stores, liquor stores, and retailers are good fit.

What is it going to cost me? Prices range from $0 to $5.50 per order. It's up to you whether or not you want to charge the customer—the less in shipping, the more in revenue to the business – your call.